BHI Club Update June 2021

June 11, 2021

Dear Bald Head Island Club Members,

As has been widely reported, the hospitality industry is suffering from debilitating staffing shortages. Unfortunately, the Clubs on Bald Head Island are not immune to this recent phenomenon.

Thanks to the support of our members, we are able to offer above-market pay and an attractive benefits package for our employees. We added a Human Resources Manager in January who has been helping to recruit and onboard new staff. We have successfully hired over 90 new employees for the BHI Club so far this year. We are now fully staffed in Golf Operations, Recreation, Fitness, and Tennis. We have a few more positions to fill in Golf Course Maintenance. We still have 10 openings in Food and Beverage for Servers, Bartenders, and Hostesses. We also have 7 open kitchen positions between the Clubhouse and Horizons. We continue to work hard on recruiting and have four new staff starting this week.  

The BHI Club is fortunate to be able to have all restaurants and amenities open for our members right now, but we may not always maintain speed of service. We have consolidated the Golf Snack Bar and the Terrace operations so golfers may get Snack Bar items at the Terrace bar. Also, we may not always be able to operate 100% full restaurants every night, so you may see a couple open tables from time to time. Reservations are required for seating in all four restaurants. We will do our best to accommodate walk-ins at the bars. We continue to offer popular Take-out service at Horizons daily, and the Clubhouse Tuesdays through Saturdays.   

We continued Pool Reservations this season to provide a fair and equitable pool experience for all Members this season. We want to provide seating for every pool reservation and ensure good water quality for Members, their family, and guests. An uncontrolled high bather load negatively impacts the filtration system and causes pool water quality to degrade. We are currently able to accommodate over 800 pool reservations each day this season. We have received overwhelming favorable feedback from members regarding maintaining pool reservations this season, the new three-hour time slots in the member-only pool, and the 5- and 7-day advance pool reservations capability for BHI Club Members.
It is our hope that we will be able to increase our staffing levels in the next few weeks. We continue enhanced training programs for all of our staff. We will improve speed of service and capacity in each restaurant as we fill our staff openings. 

We realize that reservation systems make it challenging to allow every member to use the Club when and how they want. We appreciate your continued patience, thoughtfulness, and kindness as we recruit and train staff.

Thank you for your support of the Bald Head Island Club.

David F. Sawyer