BHI Club Did You Know?


Did You Know?
The BHI Club Has Set a Maximum Number of Guest Memberships that may be Admitted on a Weekly Basis During High Season

The Club’s full-access Guest Memberships are limited in quantity and are distributed on a first-registered, first-admitted basis. We recommend that members who rent their homes have their Guest Members register as far in advance as possible to have Guest Membership access to the pools and evening dining reservations. 

Once the Club reaches the 150 full-access Guest Membership capacity, the Club offers limited-access Guest Memberships that may include access to Golf*, Tennis, Fitness, Pickleball, Lap Swimming (7am-10am), Croquet, as well as Children’s Playground, Kid’s Camp, Take-out Dining, Lunch Dining at the restaurants, and access to the Coffee Bean Bar. (*Depending on level of membership, as several member's home rentals do not have access to golf and sports activities.)

The limited-access Guest Membership is provided at a discount from the full-access Guest Membership rates.  This may be preferred by golfers or those who prioritize beach or other activities over pool time, or for those whose rental home also has a Shoals Club Membership. The Shoals Club pools do not require reservations and the Club has a beautiful beach overflow. The Shoals Club also provides four more restaurants for dining. 


Did You Know?
Club Rules Prohibit Trespassers and All
Non-Registered Golf Access of the Golf Course

Private 6-seater carts may not be driven on the golf course.

All golfers must be registered with the Golf Shop.

Club Rules prohibit fishing, running, biking, and recreational walking on the golf course. This also help to protect members and guests from alligators and wildlife. 

Recent Guest Members who drove their personal cart on the course and damaged the greens had their Guest Membership and all Club access terminated, and the Club is pressing charges.    



Did You Know the Shoals Club is performing very well?

The Shoals Club is self-funding. It is operating very well and is set up financially as a separate entity. The Shoals Club operating cash flow adequately covers all operating expenses, all acquisition debt obligations, and all of its planned capital needs.  


Did You Know?
We Source from Local Purveyors!


Did You Know?
Why does the BHI Club still require Pool Reservations

We continued Pool Reservations this season to provide a fair and equitable pool experience for all Members this season. We provide seating for every pool reservation and the established capacity ensures good water quality for Members, their family, and guests. An uncontrolled high bather load negatively impacts the filtration system and causes pool water quality to degrade. We are currently able to accommodate over 850 pool reservations each day this season. We have received overwhelming favorable feedback from members regarding maintaining pool reservations this season, the new three-hour time slots in the member-only pool, and the 5- and 7-day advance pool reservations capability for BHI Club Members. We continue to work on ways to improve access for Members and enhance the Members-only pool area.

Members may book pool reservations by using the ClubNow App. The Club has been able to accommodate almost all member pool reservation requests everyday, but not always at the preferred time.

Any unused or cancelled pool reservations are made available for same-day booking each morning at the Turtle Den starting at 7:30am. 


Did You Know?
Our Personal Trainer, Fabio Alicea, Won the
Elite Performance Training Competition, Master's Division!

This past weekend Fabio competed in the Elite Performance Training Competition and took home first place in the Master's Division! He was recognized as Mr. East Coast. Fabio will go on to qualify to compete in the National Competition for the National Physique Committee.

Fabio offers individual Personal Training, Neuromuscular Stretch Therapy, and group Bootcamp classes at the BHI Club.

Contact Fabio today at or 910.685.4760

Did You Know?
We Have New Fitness Equipment!

We have two Peloton Bikes! They're available on a first come first serve basis. Stop by the Fitness Center today to try one out!

For those who don't know what a Peloton bike is: Peloton Bikes are stationary exercise bikes that features large screens with personal trainers, live classes, and unique workouts.

Be on the lookout! There's more exciting new equipment arriving this month!


Did You Know?
The BHI Club Dress Code

Casual resort and golf attire is allowed in the Club dining rooms.

Tennis attire is allowed in the dining rooms for lunch and on the Terraces.

No bathing suits, tee shirts, or cutoffs may be worn in the Clubhouse.

Dress denim is permitted in the Clubhouse.

Hats and/or visors are not permitted to be worn by gentlemen in the Clubhouse.

For evening dining in the Clubhouse, slacks or dress shorts along with collared shirts are required for the gentlemen.

Ladies are expected to dress in a fashion compatible with the dress required of gentlemen.

When in doubt of whether attire conforms to the Club’s dress code policy, please seek the advice of the Club Staff.

Golf Course, Practice Facilities & Golf Areas Behind the Clubhouse

Gentlemen must wear shirts with collars and sleeves. Slacks or golf shorts must be worn.

No tank tops, tee shirts, cutoffs, sweat pants, denim of any kind, bathing suits, athletic shorts, gym apparel, or tennis shorts are permitted.

Ladies must wear proper golf attire which includes dresses, shirts, golf slacks, shorts or skorts and blouses.

No halter tops, tee shirts, bathing suits, sweat pants, athletic shorts, gym apparel, tennis shorts are permitted. Ladies may wear sleeveless tops with a collar. If the top has no collar it must have sleeves.

When in doubt of whether attire conforms to the Club’s dress code policy, please seek the advice of the Professional Golf Staff.

For the complete Dress Code Policy click Here.


Did You Know?
The Best Divot Pattern on the Driving Range
is to Create "Strips"

The best divot pattern on the Driving range is to create “strips”. Golf is seeing a range ball shortage nationwide.  We too are affected by this and have not received any of our Spring/Summer allotment of range balls.  We are sharing this with you to not discourage anyone from using the Range, but just making all aware as the operation makes adjustments to ensure our limited supply of balls is used as efficiently as we can and continue to inspire happiness with Members and Guests.  Please help when you can.


Did You Know?
2021 Golf Tournaments are Open for Registration!

22-25      Thurs- Sun        BHI Club Championship

6-7          Fri- Sun             Bald Head Island Cup
16-19      Mon- Thurs       Golf Course Aerification
28           Sat                    Golf Flash Event

11           Sat                    BHI Mixed Championship

13-16     Wed- Sat           Men's Member Guest Shipwreck
25-31     Mon- Sun          Golf Practice Range Overseed
28          Thurs                 Nine and Dine Season Ending Celebration

5-7         Fri- Sun             George Cobb Golf Tournament (Full Members)
13          Sat                     Golf Flash Event- Pros vs. Joes Scramble

4            Sat                     Golf Flash Event- Santa Scramble


Did You Know?
You Can Sign Up for Email Statements and Auto Draft!

Enjoy hassle free statements! You can receive your statement via email instantly instead of waiting for one by mail. Statements are generated at the beginning of each month, and are emailed or placed in the mail the same day. 

Go Paperless and sign up today by emailing!

Auto draft payments are also available! Have your statement paid after the 10th of each month without having to call or come in person.

Enroll in Auto Draft today by emailing