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Guest Liability Release Policy

The term ‘guests’ includes any persons that use my suite who are not immediate family members (parents or children of the owner). For the remainder of the document the term guest will refer to a non-paying guest. All Owner Rentals must be handled by Bald Head Island Services.

Upon Submission of this Form, I understand that each guest will be sent a Confirmation Email to the email address provided that will include the MHI Confirmation Policy and Procedure document. I will ensure that my guest(s) received their Confirmation Policy and Procedure for Guests document and read it carefully prior to their arrival.

I further affirm my understanding as an Owner, I will be responsible for any loss or damage to the Suite, Cart or any common area of the Inn that should be caused by my guest(s).

I understand that my contract with the above guest(s) releases any future claims that may be brought against the Marsh Harbour Inn HOA or its Board of Directors from any liability. My guests understand that they will be offered the same hospitality as any other owner or guest.

I understand this policy is necessary to protect the Inn or any property managed by the Inn from any liability that should arise during the time my guests occupy my suite.

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