Hello HOA Board Members and Managers:

I think of you as fellow owners and friends, so I want to thank you for your service to the Inn and to Judy and I.  You have done a lot!  I had the opportunity to serve on a similar board a few years ago.  I know it’s both exciting and exhausting, so once again thank you.

We are having a wonderful week at the Inn as is so often our experience when we come to stay.

Over the past two years, I also have another experience when I come to the Inn and stay in CQ.  I get angry and frustrated.

Angry the exterior door which failed in the hurricane and caused extensive damage has not been replaced even after insurance paid for its replacement.

Frustrated with broken entry door moulding, rotting windows, a moldy bathroom ceiling, and much needed drywall repair and painting.  I won’t even get into the plumbing, because I knew it was this way when I bought the unit.

So how do I reconcile these very different feelings.  Well Judy and I  have decided to sell our investment.  Our choice would be different if we felt like valued business partners/investors.  Upkeep of our unit would create confidence and preserve the value of our investment.

As an example, the insurance funds allocated for the door replacement but used elsewhere became an unfair loss to all CQ owners.   We have waited too long for these repairs.

 In my view, this is the missing ingredient in capturing and retaining committed owners.  Being forthright that we are in business together.  Yes, we are all here to enjoy the Inn and the island but we are in business together and how the board shares that view with future owners will be important.

Over the history of our ownership, promises have been made and delayed by developers, managers, and the HOA while our investment continues to deteriorate.

I would greatly appreciate CQ getting much needed and long overdue repairs.  Not only will it improve the value of the CQ unit and the Inn, this work provides the opportunity to begin a new relationship with the future owners.  A relationship founded on solid business principles and honesty.

I have confidence the Inn can become more than we can envision once it’s on this solid foundation.  Thank you for all you do.

Best regards,

Martin and Judy Brown – CQ week D