The Inn is looking great! A hearty thanks to staff, BOD, and owner volunteers. We enjoy coming down for breakfast to meet and talk to guests and owners. For a Bed and Breakfast, breakfast should be better prepared with ample food for folks who may arrive at 9am or after. Offering breakfast from 8 to 9:30 but running out of the ‘hot item of the day’ for the advertised time allotment is disappointing and embarrassing for the Inn. Below are just a few ideas that may be helpful.
  • The need to avoid making more than needed is understandable, perhaps the staff could offer a quick and easy hot item if needed. Suggestions would be premade omelets, premade breakfast egg and bacon muffins, or Just Add an Egg that are sold at warehouse stores, and many grocery stores. Staff could prepare these quickly for the owner or guest as needed up until 9:30am. That extra effort is true hospitality.
  • Use less bread and add more egg to some of the casseroles. Sometimes the casseroles seem over cooked and dry. Adjust cooking time to keep them moist and fresh tasting.
  • When serving French toast, a protein item such as bacon, sausage, or boiled eggs should be offered as well. A simple electric hot plate would keep the items warm. Next day fruit is often water logged and not very appealing.  A better way to store left over fruit to keep it looking fresh and not soggy is to use a special produce container with a drain stand or raised basket meant to keep produce from sitting in its on juices. Larger cuts also last longer than smaller cuts. This should save waste and keep the next day fruit from looking and tasting like leftovers.
  • Idea for over-ripe or soggy berries: add them to pancake mix for homemade pancake muffins. Lots of simple receipes online for those that are quick and easy.
  • Wishes for the future when affordable. Hinged lifting servers would look and work better and be much easier for our owners and guests to use. They even have those at $100/night Holiday Inn Express hotels – along with a self-serve pancake maker. How about a pitcher of waffle mix to allow folks to make their on waffles? Presentation is important. If the staff could do a better job of presenting fresh fruit and melons arranged artfully on a tray, that would be far more in line with most Bed and Breakfast Inns.