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About Bald Head Island

Just two miles off North Carolina’s southern coast, Bald Head Island offers a way of life unlike anywhere else. The island is home to Old Baldy, the state’s oldest lighthouse, and is a favorite nesting ground for loggerhead turtles. Here, history and nature take top billing, along with traditional seaside pastimes like fishing, golfing and beach combing.

You’ll travel to Bald Head by passenger ferry or private boat. Once here, you’ll use a golf cart to travel from one picturesque setting to the next – beaches, marshes and maritime forest.

Bald Head Island is located at the mouth of the Cape Fear River, where the river meets the Atlantic Ocean on North Carolina’s southernmost lattitude: 33° 52′ 2″ N, 78° 0′ 24″ W. Only one quarter of the Island’s 12,000 acres are available for development with the remainder deeded to the State of North Carolina for Conservation and consiting of unspoiled beaches, marsh and maritime forest. Visitors travel the island by foot, on bicycles or driving golf carts. Bald Head Island offers a wide array of activities including golf, kayaking, fishing, yachting, sailing and swimming, to name just a few. Begin your Bald Head Island exploration with our Bald Head Island Tour below. Discover all that Bald Head Island has to offer!

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